(5) Sungkreeb Watanarat – Google+ | Sungkreebwa\’s Blog

(5) Sungkreeb Watanarat – Google+ | Sungkreebwa\’s Blog

via (5) Sungkreeb Watanarat – Google+ | Sungkreebwa\'s Blog.


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  1. sungkreebwa Says:


    The organization is the illustrated and real for represented status institute and people who worked and have the activities. If image show best, the organization is the best too. The best organization has the birth alive and dead like as life, the activities in NAPINMODEL TO GARJUBMODULE has organizing and initiate in the task of learning and done, helpful for looked and illustrate image best vision. Learned more in site…Organizational life cycle

  2. sungkreebwa Says:

    4. Best practice “who is expert?” The knowledgeable people who know and interest special something in community to share the knowledge and tell the special ability for the young learner to educate in worked.
    5.Best practice “HOW IS THE BEST PRACTICE?” The best practice is the procedure to helpful for the best process and product, when utilize in whole or the part of the works to stimulate change better than old type.

    6.Best practice “THE BEST PRACTICEʼORIGINE?” If the works to done performance about process and product the best image, the best practice is show about the procedure and output to the excellent changeable performance done to do.

    7. Best practice “THE PARADISEʼS WINDOW.” When the knowledge to collected and passed checked in the reliable, especially the knowledge from the original initiates and no reference resource occurred, but the expert to give notice by experience more yearly.

    8. “PARADIUSE’OPEN”In dream times, the paradise’ world is opening to see the people who try to do the best activity and practice by self and be engrossed in the work to done. Napinmodel to garjubmodule help open vision and see the procedure to use in the work by the BEST PRACTICE.

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